Flytt Iskanten nord for NyAalesund

Vei-Traseer,Elver,Innsjøer,Fjorder,Gamle kirker,byer og Jernbane traseer som står i fare for å bli truet av ISMASSENE på grunn av en eskalerende Ny Istid på hele Kontinentet,og verden forøvrig.La oss møte den nye Istiden hjertelig Velkommen.

Fil 10.02.2020, 20 48 14

Its Thursday and Lot of snow and ice.Seems like its getting more and more snow every year.Are we able to reach 1997 record.2m93cm.





De enorme Isfjellene kommer sigende inn i fjordene i fastlands-Norje

IMG_6254 Isfjellene kommer sigende inn i fjordene i fastlands-Norje


Kan i verste fall føre til en Gigant-Katastrofe dersom Isfjellene ikke er i stand til å»kalve»med det første.


I dag fredag var det 47 grader stive i Kirknes..slo nesten rekorden fra 1971 som da lå på 48.3 blå…slett ingen tegn til at de Gigantiske Isfjellene som kommer sigende inn Kirknes-fjorden,kommer til å smelte ved disse lave temperaturer.

We are all concerned with the environment, the plastic in the sea, a clean nature and that we do not drown in garbage.
But climate, on the other hand, is what we do not agree with most politicians, climate defenders and scientists affiliated to the UN Climate Panel IPCC.
The climate debate that these are leading is more apt to frighten people’s lives and to empty our wallets and is outright junk.
Among other things, they say that 97% of the world’s scientists agree with their claims, the truth is that it is 1.9%
The IPCC says that the temperature of the earth is rising and that all ice will melt in the south pole and in Greenland.
The reason is human emissions of greenhouse gas CO2.
First, the temperature rose by 0.8 degrees since 1860 and up to the year 2000.
Since then, it has not risen at all.
CO2 emissions do not lead to global warming, all scientists know. But the temperature rises as it does in summer in Norway, yes then the CO2 content rises.
The reason is that 80% of all CO2 is in the sea and as the temperature rises, the sea evaporates and the CO2 content rises.
But everyone sees that climate is changing all over the globe but it is a natural part of the earth’s cycle in the Milky Way.
A lap in the Milky Way takes 240 million years, how many ice ages we are on or how many warm periods we are on the trip I dare not say anything but there are many.